Laboratorio de Síntesis Física de Películas Delgadas y Nanoestructuras

Síntesis de películas delgadas, micro y nano estructuras, en condiciones de alto vacío.

1. Sputter deposition system
Our versatile ATC-Orion-AJA sputter system becomes operative in September 2016 and, due to his excellent base pressure and multiples magnetron sources, it can grow up high quality thin films and multilayers. It has the following features:

• 7 Magnetron Sputter Sources (2 DC 750 W and 2 RF 300 W Power Supplies) and 3 Evaporation Furnaces RADAK II.
• Vacuum load-lock so processing can begin within 10-12 minutes after substrate introduction.
• Substrate holder heater up to 850 C with quartz halogen lamps.
• Base Vacuum: better than or equal to 5×10-9 Torr with CTI-8 cryopump. Compatible with inert/reactive gases.
• Magnetic sample holder to induce anisotropies during deposition.

2. Nano-Cluster deposition system
This SinoRaybo NanoSci & Tech co Ltd system produces beams of clusters of metallic atoms and deposits them onto a 15×15 mm substrate with a base pressure <10-8 torr and a deposition rate: 0.01 Å/s – 10 Å/s.
The size of the clusters is highly tunable, it can be as small as a single pair and as big as 105 atoms per cluster (mean diameter 0.5 – 15 nm). The system is also equipped with a mass selector which allows a typical mass resolution tunable in the range of 12 – 100 and typical beam current after selection in the range 5pA – 0.5 nA.
In addition to the one-head 2-inch target (same size than the UHV Sputtering System), the system is also equipped with a two-heads 1.5-inch target magnetron source for the fabrication of clusters alloys.

Personal vinculado: Carlos Garcia, Pablo Ibarra, Alejandro Jara, Claudio Gonzalez, Marian Abellan, Cristian Romanque, Luis Lizardi.