Laboratorio de Criogenia

The Cryogen Free Measurement Systems (Cryogenic Ltd.) for the investigation of Electrical, Magnetic and Thermal properties of materials at temperatures ranging from 1.6 K to 400 K and magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla – all without the need for liquid cryogens provides an extremely versatile system with the following characteristics.

• Low frequency vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM).
• Ultra-low field option.
• AC susceptibility.
• DC Resistivity & Hall effect / AC Resistivity & Hall effect (automated Van der Pauw/Hall effect).
• Rotating sample platforms for electrical measurements (1.6 K to 400 K).
• High temperature sample platform options up to 700 K for both magnetic and electric properties.

Personal vinculado: Carlos Garcia, Pablo Ibarra, Alejandro Jara, Claudio Gonzalez, Marian Abellan, Luis Lizardi.